An Intimate Source Of Pleasure

Antonio did not get a lot of clients who hired him for other people, especially not for their wives. In this case, his client was a man named Bob who wanted his wife Laurel to be happy, a sentiment that Antonio could respect. He talked to them both. While never of them came out and said it directly, Antonio surmised that their problems stemmed from the fact that the husband was impotent. The two of them managed to impart this information without judgment. It was a fact to them, and a problem, but not a source of shame.

Bob talked about how Antonio can give to Laurel what he could not. Laurel expressed her love for Bob, acknowledging that she could never leave him just because of this one thing. Their love was bigger than that, and there was no reason why they had to give each other everything that they needed. Antonio said that he was happy to help, feeling a sort of kinship with people who didn’t believe that relationships and love had to fall into the same patterns. Escorts who entertain are the people who are experts in the field of sex. Antonio himself was contentedly single and could never imagine being in a monogamous relationship of any kind. He was happy to share the talents that he did have with a woman who had needs that were unmet.

Antonio and Laurel met when Bob left the house so they could get some alone time. When Antonio embraced Laurel, it was that much clearer what she had been missing for all of these years. She gave into the desires that she had been suppressing for so long with a passion that stunned even a seasoned escort like Antonio, who had rarely seen female clients give themselves like this. The two of them were truly making up for lost time, compressing years and years into moments, if such a thing were possible. It was as if they entered a time warp where it was possible to experience years of pleasure in mere seconds and where the repression and suppression that managed to last for years could give way in minutes to the boundless ecstasy of an unrestrained embrace. The two of them knew that they would meet again in their own private world, filling in a gap in Laurel’s life in more ways than one.

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