I fell in love with a club hostess

My friends and I used to think that we were the best. We all had our own business and used to hang out in all of the best clubs in London. Many of those clubs had some great hostesses in them and some of them were also London escorts. It was a great time in my life, but I will confess to that my life was beginning to feel a little bit empty. I was pushing 50 years old and had not enjoyed a decent relationship with a woman. Needless to say, I felt that I was doing something wrong.

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We were in this really posh club when I met Caprice. She was totally stunning and I thought that she worked for London escorts. However, it turned out that she was one of the hostesses in the club. Most of the guys tried to chat up the hostesses hoping for a bit of companionship later on the evening, but I had never done. But, there was something special about Caprice. However I continued enjoying the drinks and chatting to mates with their London escorts.

At the end of the evening, I had managed to have half a decent conversation with Caprice. She was truly stunning and made me laugh at the same time. There was something special about her and I wanted to get to know here better. When we came to leave the club around 3 pm, I asked if I could see he again. She gave me her phone number and when I woke up the next morning, I gave her a call straight away. A couple of hours later, we were enjoying a nice meal together. Caprice were nothing like the girls at London escorts.

The following week was a bit hectic for me so I did not have the time to see Caprice. I felt really bad about it, and called her several times. My mates were not so busy and were out on the town with London escorts. I really felt that I had reached road junction in my life and wanted something else than London escorts and partying all of the time. My car dealership was doing fine, and I felt that it was time to spend a little bit less time there.

The next week, I got back in touch with Caprice explaining that I was free. She had just woken up from working all night in the club and sounded really cute. I wanted to rush straight over, but instead I asked her if she would do breakfast with me. She said yes and as she was dipped her toast in my runny egg about an hour later, I realized that I was in love. The blue eyes looked at me and I knew that there was something special about the girl who was really interested in the fried egg on my plate, and did not want me to take her to any wild parties around London at all. Yes, I was older than her but things did work out for us in the end. Mainly down to fried eggs I think.

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