Love the relationship I have with a London Escorts


One of the most beautiful things in life is to have someone to be with us. Someone who will show us the way and guide us on a good path. We all need someone that gives us the love that is everlasting and pure. A love that is so real and sincere. Every day of our lives we need someone to enlighten our minds and soul. Someone to remind us that “hey it’s okay honey” It just feels so good having someone in our side. Someone to hold when we lost hope in our life. Someone that won’t get tired of loving us even we are unlovable. There are times that we want to give up on life, but our partner will hold our hand and go on our journey. Love is a beautiful feeling; it inspires to become a better person in the world. It guides us to the right path and gives direction to our life. When we are in love, everything seems to be perfect; everything goes in our favor. A relationship should be the source of love and happiness, a constant joy is good for us, as we are happy, our energy increased and our mind and heart gets healthy. Also, as the sayings say, happiness is the cure of illness. When we are in love always make sure that your love is still intended for one person. A relationship is composed of two people, not three or four. So, when we are in a relationship remember that honesty and loyalty is an essential element and we should always follow that protocol.


I am so lucky that I have found the love of my life, someone who is fantastic and beautiful. Someone that has seen my worse but still love me. Someone who understands the pain in my eyes when no one did. We all need someone to encourage us and motivates. All my life I have been searching for someone to give me the love I have never experienced with my family. A love that is so real and majestic. Growing up in a broken family is hard, I have to suffer such problems and a chaos surroundings. My parents broke up when I was young, and it brought pain to us, especially to my mother. She got depression and so I have to work all by myself. I have Finish College in my sweat, and I am so proud of it. I went to London for vacation and met Joana, she is a Cheap London Escorts, and for the first time, I found a woman that makes my heart beat and fall in love. She is beautiful, and I am so lucky to be with her. Our relationship is full of love and respect. I am looking forward to a better future with her.

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